What style of photography do you do? photography middlesex

My Style is a balanced mixture of creative, fun, informal and traditional photography. My aim is to tell the beautiful story of your day by using a variety of natural and posed photographs. But if you would like me to focus on one particular style just let me know.

Can we discuss the photos before the wedding?

Yes of course, two weeks before each wedding I invite every couple to come and chat through the day, working out timings, locations and group combinations, so on the day we all know the plan and not a moment of precious time is wasted.

Do you take posed/set up photographs?

I do take a selection of posed photographs. Mainly the couple shots and the groups need to be directed, so the lighting and backgrounds are perfect and you can clearly see everyone . I am extremely efficient when photographing these so you have the minimum disruption to your day.

Can you get 150+ guests in the right place and be nice and friendly at the same time?

I am relaxed and friendly on all of my weddings and am genuinely enjoying myself and having a good time, this combination seems to get the required results from your guests, when I ask them to come over for their photographs they are usually quite obliging, but sometimes I do have get a little ‘bossy’ to get the job done and make things happen on time, fortunately this does not happen often.

Do you take detail shots of the flower, dress, cake and tables?

I do take all the little detail shots throughout your wedding day , from the flowers at the Bride’s house all the way through to the beautiful table decorations at the reception. You have put a great deal of effort into getting it perfect and it is all part of the story of your day.

What time do you start photographing at the house/cereromy? wedding photographer middlesex

If I am photographing at the Bride’s house I like to be there about 2 hours before the start of your wedding ceremony, then I usually get to your actual wedding location about half an hour before it begins, so I can photograph the Groom, with his Bestman, Ushers and family at this point which gives your photographs a really great story. The more photographs I can take before the ceremony the less time is needed afterwards, so you get to enjoy your day without the photography taking over.

How far will you travel?

I am happy to go to most places, I just charge a little extra petrol money if your wedding is over an hour away from Sunbury.

Do you have spare equipment?

I have spares of everything with me, just in case.

How long until we see the photos and get the preview book?

I often put a selection of photographs on Facebook for you the following morning and then the full set of usually between 250 – 550 images are ready to view on my gallery one week later.

How long will our album take once ordered?

Between 2 to 4 weeks, depending on how busy I am.

How much deposit do you charge? Classic Images

I charge £150 deposit to secure your booking.

Who designs our wedding album?

I design all of my albums as I like to keep it personal.

How much do you charge?

I have a variety of packages ranging from £400 to £1300 depending on your end product.

How long do the group photos take?

It is up to you how many groups are taken, when we work them out together at our pre wedding meeting I give you a rough idea of how long your selection will take. I like the groups to be neat and tidy but I am also very quick at setting them up, as I am aware that this is the notorious part of the wedding photography!

How long do you spend on the Bride & Groom photos?

I usually spend about 20 minutes with the Bride & Groom, I work out all the locations and backgrounds on the morning of the wedding then no time is wasted.

How late do you stay?

I stay until you sit down to your wedding breakfast. But am happy to stay for the speeches, cake cutting and first dance. I can also bring along my prop box to get some fun photos of you and your guest while you are waiting for your evening reception to begin.

Are you insured?

Oh yes. Public liability and indemnity.

What happens if you are ill?

Over the past 20 years I have only ever missed one wedding and got an excellent photographer to cover for me and the couple were extremely happy with the results. As lots of my best friends all have their own wedding photography businesses we are all there to help each other out in an emergency, so I would always be able to find someone to fill in.

How long have you been photographing weddings?

This is the only job I have ever done and have been doing it for about 20 years. I have seen it all and feel so lucky to be doing something I enjoy so much.